Maisha Mabati


Our steel manufacturing equipment is supplied by the world’s leading company for steel manufacturing equipment; Hitachi Japan, Bronx Australia & Automation By Siemens Germany & Tenova Ceramic Zinc Cattle & its automation by Ajax Tocco, USA.

We produce Steel sheets by using the latest technology machineries, dedicated and well-experienced staff. Moreover, we control the quality with well-equipped laboratory that contains state of the art steel testing equipment. We roll all gauges and coating with a variety of colours required by the local & export market.


This consists of sending the raw material; hot rolled coils to the pickling plant to remove the oxidation layer on top of it. The coil is passed through hydrochloric acid to remove the oxide layer and then cleaned by rinsing it with water, and finally dried and sent for rolling. We have state of art Pickling line with slitter Head to Trim H.R.Coils in required size for rolling and further processing.


In the Cold Rolling process, Hot rolled & Pickled coil can be rolled up to 0.17 mm from 2.0 mm input. In this process, we can roll with tolerance of +/- 5 micron with the help of Auto Gauge control System, supplied by Siemens Germany.

We have the best quality technology rolling mill of world-renowned rolling mill manufacturer , HITACHI Japan.

This mill consists of special features to get the best quality & accuracy of rolled steels.

  • Automatic gauge control with radioactive source of one query and automated by Siemens & Jasch.
  • World’s best rolling oil from QUACKER HOUGHTON, Spain, to achieve the best shape & gauge.
  • For rolling, we are using the world leader of Roll Manufacturer, Union Electric USA.


In the Hot Dip Galvalume process, Aluminium & Zinc coating is applied on the steel sheets to prevent from corrosion and other atmospheric reactions. In this process, steel is preheated to the level of Zinc + Aluminium bath temperature for Roofing Sheet (Hard Material). For soft materials, it is annealed at above critical temperature to get desired mechanical properties. An even coat consisting of 45% zinc & 55% aluminium is applied and to maintain the coating thickness, we have automatic air gap control through PLC. Furthermore, to prevent the coated surface, it passes through chromic acid to form a protective layer. Finished coils are then sent for color coating, corrugation/profiling or direct for dispatch as is.


The sheets are processed with chromic acid to protect the AluZinc coated sheet and to make the mixture hold on to the sheet. This also makes the sheets more durable. Now the sheet is all ready to be turned into a roofing sheet.


In the Colour Coating process, chemicals and desired colour coating is applied on the steel sheet after galvalume process for making the roofing sheets. In this process, the galvanized sheets go to the relevant paint coating sections through the chemical coating process, which is backed through an oven with 210-250 degrees, to firmly blend on the roofing sheets.


This is the process where the straight, thin sheets are made into different profiles of roofing sheets. The sheets pass through a combination of rollers, which press against them so that they are shaped accordingly.

There are several types of finishes with smooth, bright & matte finishes to choose from which can be profiled in different profile types and lengths. The Standard length is 2 Meters, 2.5 meters. 3 meters or as per specific customer requirement


Not only do we make roofing sheets, we also make ridges for joining roofs in 320mm and 240mm which are then available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Different shapes include Roll talk & Upside-down Valley.


The customer can range his demand on the thickness, the coating of AluZinc percentage, the length and width of the sheet and even a specific colour. All requests from valuable customers are taken in order and fulfilled. 

These include:


32 gauge – 1.41 kg/m

30 gauge – 1.81 kg/m

28 gauge – 2.32 kg/m

26 gauge – 2.99 kg/m

24 gauge – 4.50 kg/m




32 gauge – 0.20MM

30 gauge – 0.25MM

28 gauge – 0.32MM

26 gauge – 0.40MM

24 gauge – 0.50MM

22 gauge – 0.60MM

And as per customer request and demand.